As 27 Melhores Séries estreantes em 2019!

The Boys - Melhores Séries Lançadas em 2019

Essas são as melhores séries com data de estreia em 2019 no mundo inteiro!

Conheça todas as séries lançadas em 2019 e saiba quais merecem sua atenção.

Kota Factory (2019–)

Dedicated to Shrimati SL Loney ji, Shri Irodov ji and Maanniya HC Verma ji, 'Kota Factory' is TVF's latest original. India's first 'Black and White' show highlights the problems present day IIT-JEE aspirants face in their day-to-day lives.
Enaaya (2019–)

The Boys (2019–)

Baseada na banda desenhada, The Boys explora um mundo onde os super-heróis abraçam o lado mais sombrio da fama e segue um grupo de vigilantes, conhecidos como os The Boys, que se propõem a derrubar super-heróis corruptos. A estreia é a 26 de julho, na Amazon, tendo já uma 2.ª temporada assegurada.
Love, Death & Robots (2019–)

A collection of animated short stories that span various genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy.
Delhi Crime (2019–)

Based on the Nirbhaya case, Delhi Crime follows the Delhi Police investigation into the finding of the men who perpetrated this crime.
After Life (2019–)

After Tony's wife dies unexpectedly, his nice-guy persona is altered into an impulsive, devil-may-care attitude taking his old world by storm.
Euphoria (2019–)

Protagonizada por Zendaya, Euphoria centra-se num grupo de adolescentes à descoberta de amizades, amores, sexo, drogas e identidade.
Years and Years (2019–)

Follows a busy family from Manchester with their lives converging on one crucial night in 2019.
What We Do in the Shadows (2019–)

Baseada no filme homónimo, What We Do in the Shadows é uma comédia que decorre na Nova Iorque moderna, centrando-se numa equipa que se encontra a realizar um documentário sobre a vida de três vampiros, colegas de quarto há centenas de anos.
Sex Education (2019–)

A teenage boy with a sex therapist mother teams up with a high school classmate to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school.
킹덤 (2019–)

While strange rumors about their ill king grip a kingdom, the crown prince becomes their only hope against a mysterious plague overtaking the land.
Warrior (2019–)

Set during the Tong Wars in the late 1800s, Ah Sahm, a martial arts prodigy originating from China to San Francisco, ends up becoming a hatchet man for the most powerful tong in Chinatown
Doom Patrol (2019–)

Os membros da Doom Patrol sofreram acidentes horríveis que lhes deram habilidades sobre-humanas, mas também os deixaram marcados e desfigurados. Traumatizados e oprimidos, a equipa encontrou um propósito através de The Chief, que os reuniu para investigar os fenómenos mais estranhos existentes e proteger a Terra do que eles encontram.
Gentleman Jack (2019–)

A dramatization of the life of LGBTQ+ trailblazer, voracious learner and cryptic diarist Anne Lister, who returns to Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1832, determined to transform the fate of her faded ancestral home Shibden Hall.
The Act (2019–)

Dee Dee Blanchard is overprotective of her daughter, Gypsy, who is trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her mother. Gypsy's quest for independence opens up a Pandora's box of secrets, which ultimately leads to murder. The stranger-than-fiction true-crime series is based on a 2016 BuzzFeed article that detailed the shocking 2015 crime.
Swamp Thing (2019)

Swamp Thing centra-se em Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed), que investiga um suposto vírus mortal num pântano de uma pequena cidade do Louisiana e rapidamente descobre que o pântano tem algo de místico e com muitos segredos.
Disque Amiga para Matar (2019–)

Uma viúva furiosa procura quem estava ao volante do carro que matou seu marido e fica amiga de uma otimista excêntrica – mas ela não é bem o que parece.
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (2019–)

To win back the love of his life, a high school student and his best friend launch Europe's largest online drug business from their teenage bedroom.
Russian Doll (2019–)

A cynical young woman in New York City keeps dying and returning to the party that's being thrown in her honor on that same evening. She tries to find a way out of this strange time loop.
The Umbrella Academy (2019–)

Quando se reencontram por ocasião da morte do pai, seis irmãos dotados de poderes extraordinários descobrem segredos de família chocantes e uma ameaça para a humanidade.
Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes (2019–)

A look inside the mind of serial killer Ted Bundy, featuring interviews with him on death row.
Quicksand (2019–)

Maja, a student in Stockholm, finds herself on trial for murder after a tragedy at her school. More doubts and suspicions arise when new revelations are made.
Hanna (2019–)

In equal parts high-concept thriller and coming-of-age drama, HANNA follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl raised in the forest, as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is.
The Passage (2019)

When a botched U.S. government experiment turns a group of death row inmates into highly infectious vampires, an orphan girl might be the only person able to stop the ensuing crisis.
Bonding (2019–)

A New York City grad student moonlighting as a dominatrix enlists her gay BFF from high school to be her assistant.
The Society (2019–)

When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.
Whiskey Cavalier (2019)

An FBI agent and his new partner, a CIA operative, embark on missions to save the world, but have to put up with each other first.